Pasta per tutti!

Address: That's Amore Cheese, 66 Latitude Boulevard, Thomastown

Phone: (03) 9463 4202


Opening Hours: Saturday 7th September 10:00am- 2:00pm

Join us for a fun day of fresh pasta making, learning how to make pasta just like nonna would!

Chef Dario Di Clerico will teach you all the skills to make your own fresh pasta using a domestic pasta machine. From making the dough, to kneading and rolling, to finishing up with a relaxed and delicious lunch together. 

Roll up your sleeves and have some fun.

This is a beginner's class where you will learn how to master different types of pasta making: pappardelle, strozzapreti and spaghetti. You will also learn how to whip up some authentic sauces to pair with your pasta.

On completion of the class, we will enjoy a relaxed and delicious lunch together.

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