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Address: That's Amore Cheese, 66 Latitude Blvd, Thomastown

Phone: 9463 4200


Event details

Starts: 30/06/2018 10:00:00 AM

Ends: 30/06/2018 2:00:00 PM

Admission: $125

The secret ingredient is always cheese, learn how to cook with mozzarella!

Cheese making is a passion at That’s Amore Cheese and the chef Dario Di Clerico will show you how to use some of our artisan-made cheese, taking your dish to the next level and giving you the tools to produce delicious Italian dishes at home.

Mozzarella is perfect on pizza, pasta bakes or eaten fresh!

This hands-on class will guide you through the versatility of using this stretched curd cheese in cooking.

You will learn from chef Dario the skills to make your own pizza dough and all the participants will be given the opportunity to prepare and cook three dishes that showcase our beloved mozzarella.

On completion of the class, you will enjoy a relaxed and delicious lunch together.